#BMEstreetAHPs is a research collective which consists of both current and future allied health professionals (AHPs) from diverse Black and Minoritized Ethnic backgrounds. We are based in the United Kingdom (UK) and we are focused on conducting allied health professions research with a focus on racial-ethnic justice. We aspire to apply an intersectional (as conceptualised by Black feminist theorists) approach to anti-oppression which also takes into account the effects of race and ethnicity on (but not restricted to) other aspects of identity such as nationality, migration experiences and histories, disability, neurodiversity, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion, language, age, as well as culture.

You can contact us via emailing: BMEstreetAHPs at gmail.com or follow / DM us on Twitter via @BMEstreetAHPs

The scope of ‘Minoritized Ethnic’ in the work we do under this banner includes people who might not necessarily fit neatly into ‘white’, ‘Black’ or ‘Asian’ racial categories such as Romani persons who are often classified as ‘white other’ in UK categorisations of ethnicity, or people of West Asian / North African / Middle Eastern descent who have been classified as ‘white’ in the US census. It can also include people from white minoritized ethnic backgrounds in the UK i.e., immigrants from other European countries.

Learn more about us through recordings of our Career Decisions project launch where we discuss how our collective came to being, and also elaborate on the rationale behind our decisions to use the terms ‘BME’ and ‘street’ as well as our ethos and ways of working.