Full Project Title

Determinants of Career Decision-making in the Allied Health Professions: Black and Minoritized Ethnic Perspectives from London


Health Education England via Capital AHP has commissioned allied health professions (AHPs) researchers from Black and Minoritized Ethnic (BME) backgrounds associated with the #BMEstreetAHPs collective to conduct a research project. This project aims to investigate how people from BME backgrounds decide on the Allied Health Professions as a career choice, specific to the London region. London South Bank University (LSBU) and Brunel University London (BUL) are the key AHP education providers associated with this project. Please scroll to bottom to see recordings from our project launch for further elaboration.

What is the purpose of the project?

London is the most racially, ethnically, and religiously diverse place in England:

  • 56.6% of Londoners are of Minoritized Ethnic backgrounds,
  • 37% of Londoners are not born in the UK,
  • 21% of people living in London are not British.

However, HCPC’s Diversity Data Survey indicates that the Allied Health Professions (AHPs) workforce across the United Kingdom does not necessarily represent the diversity of its demographics. Of 38,512 survey respondents belonging to the AHPs, 2908 were Black, 1720 were Asian, and 33,884 were white (87.9%). While demographics specific to London were not published, we expect a similar disparity in representation.

This project seeks to address this disparity through investigating how people from BME backgrounds in London decide to embark on careers in the AHPs. Findings from this project can be used in ways beneficial to people from BME communities i.e., in terms of facilitating career decision-making, as well as for AHP education providers and other stakeholders committed to diversifying the AHP workforce to better facilitate workforce demographics representative of London’s diverse, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious population.

What if something goes wrong?

If anything goes wrong, please feel empowered to contact:

If you are not happy with the project, then complaints can be directed to Tomas Ince, Health Education England AHP Workforce Fellow for London – tomas.ince [at] hee.nhs.uk

What will happen to the results of the research project?

The results will primarily be presented to Health Education England and may be later reported at conferences or in scientific journals. Some findings may also be reported on the #BMEstreetAHPs website. The anonymized research data may also be shared with other researchers for further analysis, but at no point will any uniquely identifiable data be shared.

Who is organising and funding the research project?

This project is led by researchers based in London South Bank University and Brunel University London associated with the #BMEstreetAHPs research collective. It is funded by Capital AHP, Health Education England.

For more details, please view recordings from the project launch (10 June 2022) below:

Part 1: Introduction (20 mins) (guidance on how to sign up to Community Loop towards end of video)

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Part 2: Scoping Review Preliminary Findings (20 mins)

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Part 3: Student Voices Panel (30 mins)

Part 4: Closing (20 mins)

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