We have established a few groups for advisory purposes to ensure inclusive decision-making on this project – this includes a Steering Group, a Stakeholder Group, and a Student / Recent Graduate Advisory Group.

Care was taken to ensure that all 15 AHPs were represented, and demographic representation across a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Representatives from all professional organisations representing the 15 AHPs have been invited.

We are also in the process of sending invitations to student representatives and key influencers from the 15 AHPs, all AHP education providers in London, all NHS Trusts in London as well as post-secondary, non-tertiary education providers in London including but not limited to: 6th form colleges, BTEC course providers, and access course providers.

If you do not fall into the above categories but would still like to be a part of our project, you are most welcome to participate through signing up to our Community Loop.

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